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With the continuous advancement of factory production automation, robots, as an efficient and intelligent tool, are widely used in material transportation and distribution in factories. Based on years of experience and technological accumulation in the robotics industry, DUCO automation solution independently develops factory mobile cobots, storage system,delivery system, achieving automated handling, loading and unloading, and warehousing of raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products in the factory, leading the digital transformation and transformation of the factory.
• MES (Production planning, Lot list)
• RTD (Real-Time dispatching)
• EAP/RMS (Equipment Station Control, Equipment Data collection)
• MCS (WMS dispatching, Material flow manage)
• ACS+TM/TC (Route planning, Mission execution)
• RFID (RFID render control, RFID info manage)
• BCMS (Battery station Control, Battery info collection & manage)







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Automated Material Handling System

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Application of Automated Material Handling System

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DUCO automation system has been systematically implemented in a wide range of industries, including but not limited to the automobile industry, 3C industry (electronics, computers, and communication), electronic industry, and unmanned retail industry.

Features and Benefits

Features of Automated Material Handling System

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DUCO automation system features energy-saving, clean, efficient, and flexible characteristics. The product is positioned to utilize the fusion of multiple sensor integration and artificial intelligence technology.
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